Final event for HAŠK Mladost: medals, t-shirts and chocolate for all!

HAŠK Mladost closes the activities of Welcome Project with a great event, that took place last Thursday in the Refugee Center. In a splendid day of fun and smiles, every child who participated the project received several HAŠK Mladost presents: a medal, a keychain, a t-shirt and, finally, a piece of chocolate!

It was a great moment for the Club and for the institutions who were present to the ceremony: Anita Dakić (Representative of the Croatian ministry of internal affairs), Antoni Trcin (President of the Zagreb fencing federation), joined the event, who saw also the involvement of the psychologist Renata Barić, the rugby coach, Tihomir Janković and, of course, the parents of the children. Special thanks finally go to the JRS employees and to Ineska Jakopanec and Dunja Bracun, who made everything possible in the course of the Project.

But it is still not time to end Welcome: since in few weeks, the great final meeting will be held in Rome, with the organisation of S.S. Lazio Basket. Stay tuned!


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