APOEL ready for Larnaca Project Meeting

An occasion to meet. An occasion to talk and discuss about ongoing activities and Project results. Next 11th-12th October the Larnaca Meeting is going to take place, thanks to the organisation of APOEL.

The Cypriot Club is hosting the representatives of S.S. Lazio Basket and HAŠK Mladost, in a two-day meeting that will informally start tomorrow with a dinner that will anticipate the main event.

In particular, the meeting will debut the 11th October at 15.00, with a welcome speech by APOEL representative Stelios Georgiou. This speech is anticipating the Clubs’ reports, that will be shown by Serena Ronci (S.S. Lazio Basket) and by Dunja Bracun and Ines Jakopanec (HAŠK Mladost).

Then, the Project Consortium will discuss about financial and technical management aspects, making a check of project outputs and final reports.

The second meeting day, 12th October, is going to start at 10.00: Clubs will spend one hour each to talk about their experiences in Welcome Project at local level, referring to their Countries. The lunch will represent the end of the meeting and, in the afternoon, APOEL will organise a special guided tour to the Club’s sport facility.


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