First day of Consortium Meeting in Larnaca

Well done, APOEL! Well done, friends from S.S. Lazio and Hask Mladost! The consortium meeting has seen the first day taking place in Larnaca. It has been a great moment of clarifications and community, creating an experience that is going to be remembered by all the participants.

Under the guidance of Stelios Georgiou – and after a great morning of sightseeing – Multisport Clubs’ representatives Serena Ronci (S.S. Lazio Basket), Dunja Bracun and Ines Jakopanec (hask mladost), the Project went smoothly, with an adequate analysis about the results reached and the issues faced.

Moreover, the presence of several refugees that participated APOEL sport activities in Cyprus built up a very positive atmosphere. Thanks to our activities, we are doing something great, and their experiences make us happy, boosting us to to even better in future!

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